What Trends are Underfoot? Ideas for Wood Flooring

Beautiful flooring is the underpinning of any stylish home. The ideal flooring is a smart combination of visual appeal and durability and wood floors have reliably accomplished that combination for centuries. Here’s a look at some of the most popular options in wood flooring today.

Pale and neutral washes, especially gray, are having a moment in home design. The effect is soft and modern, with the ability to make a space feel more bright and open.

Beautiful wood flooring in master bathroom

CR Home Design K&B

With a nod to history, very wide planks are very much in vogue right now, with a minimum of 5” in width to achieve the desired effect. A creative “mixed width” approach is another variation of this idea.

Natural Face Antique Oak - gray flooring

Riverbend Wood Floor Co.

Natural materials bring a rustic sense of authenticity to a space. Reclaimed or repurposed woods connect a home to its surroundings with colors and textures that connect to history. Woods with evident natural imperfection and texture are very popular now, from low-gloss, matte and weathered finishes to treatments with hand scraping or wire brush.


 Reclaimed Brown Board Barn Siding Island and wood flooring

Riverbend Wood Floor Co.

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