10 Expert Steps to Preparing for Your Home Remodel or Renovation


Updating your home with a remodel or renovation is a thrilling process full of possibilities, but it can also be very stressful.  It's a big undertaking for any homeowner, and good preparation goes a long way toward ensuring that your home improvements go smoothly from start to finish.  Use these 10 expert steps to prepare for your home remodel or renovation:

 home renovation

  1. Do project research about price, time, ROI, property values and material options.
  2. Think long term about any ways your family's needs may change in the future and how this remodel can help accommodate these future needs.
  3. Set a budget which includes everything from labor to materials. Leave room in the budget for unexpected expenses.
  4. Get to know your professional remodeler by looking into credentials, certifications and trade association memberships.  Professionals shouldn't just have a license.
  5. Ask questions about the process, costs, education and past issues they've had with clients.
  6. Verify references, license numbers, insurance information and certifications.  Look for press coverage of past work or evidence of past involvement in industry events.
  7. Review the contract carefully.  Make sure you understand it. And ask questions if you need clarification.
  8. Consider design. Articulate what you don't like and what you would like to change.  Be as specific as possible.
  9. Select your materials and include them (and the cost) in the contract.
  10. Have a communication plan that clarifies everyone's role, communication methods, availability and communication frequency.


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