Choosing New Windows for Your Fairfield County Home

A simple way to improve the operation, performance, and beauty of your home is to add new custom designed windows.  Custom designed windows can let more light and air into your home while retaining good energy-efficient performance and enhancing the character of your home.  However, before you start shopping for new windows, you need to choose what style of window you want.

casement windows

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Casement windows are hinged on the side. They're often cranked to open to the outside.  They are increasingly popular in homes of all styles for their ability let in more unimpeded natural light, their ease of operation, and the versatility in design.

double hung windows

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Double-Hung windows are a traditional style with two vertical sliding sashes. You can open either the top or bottom window, which is convenient for natural air flow and easy maintenance.

Awning Windows

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Awning windows have the hinges along the top edge, which allows the bottom edge to open out. The opening is usually only about 45 degrees, which makes them useful on rainy days; you can enjoy fresh air without exposing your home to the elements.  These are usually found in basements and bathrooms, but they are generally not considered as the main window type.  They can also be used below fixed picture windows to give a space some fresh air without impeding the view.

bay window

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Bay windows are comprised of three windows connected at angles to each other, creating a useful nook for putting a ledge or window seat.  These can be used in any room but are popular in breakfast rooms, living rooms and bedrooms.

Whatever style you choose, look for energy efficiency, durability and low maintenance, which includes ease of cleaning, painting and repair.

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