Ideas for a Dreamy (and Organized) Walk-In Closet

Picture it. You walk into your closet, turn on the light, and are greeted with a carefully planned and completely organized space. Every sweater, shoe, and suit has its own perfect spot and the closet is an oasis of calm. Fantasy? Maybe. Your future reality? Definitely.


Image via Country Club Homes

You can upgrade and organize your closet by:

  • Creating specific storage areas: In order to accommodate all of your clothing, shoes, and accessories you'll need custom storage. A drawer with dividers is great for belts, shoes fit perfectly in a cube storage system, and custom jewelry racks put all your necklaces on display.
  • Enhancing the lighting: Don't dress in a dark space! Find ways to upgrade the lighting with new fixtures, floor lamps, spots or a window.
  • Maximizing space: An organized closet finds ways to use every inch of available space. Hang clothes on a double rod system that maximizes vertical space. A series of narrow drawers and shelves can fit into a small space and provides maximum storage.

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