Modern Home Design with Retro Flair

Don't succumb to the assumption that a new or renovated home will inevitably be modern or contemporary. The best part of building custom homes in Fairfield County is that we get to work with homeowners to bring their personal style and unique design vision to life.

One aesthetic that we enjoy infusing into our custom homes is utilizing retro style within current building trends. Many homeowners choose retro furniture, wall coverings, or accessories as effective ways to portray their design style. We can also integrate retro elements into the design of the home's structure.


Image via Country Club Homes

For example, you can choose retro appliances or mid-century style cabinets for your modern kitchen. You can also evoke a bygone era by increasing the indoor-outdoor flow with wide windows, patios, screened in porches, and sliding glass doors. Each of these was once revolutionary, yet they still make complete sense in modern home design.

We would be honored to help you bring your personal design style to life in a new construction or remodeled home. Contact us today to learn more about our design and building process. Call us at 203-762-0550 or visit Country Club Homes, Inc. online.