Traditional Design Ideas for Your Fairfield County Home

Traditional home design is what we love here at Country Club Homes. As a result, we like to share what that means with people who are also in love with the subtle flair of a traditional space. If you've never been a fan of traditional design for the home, keep reading! Although it is often referred to as outdated or old-fashioned, there are plenty of ways to incorporate a traditional feel at home that feels oh so 2013!

So, what exactly does a traditional home design look like?


  • Neutral colors: Bright and bold is the exact opposite of what traditional design is all about. These spaces are more subdued and mellow, which makes them ideal for a comfortable and cozy living environment for the entire family. You don't have to completely shy away from color. Pale and pastel shades also fit into the neutral color category.
  • Wonderful woods: Dark touches of wood can add a sense of both warmth and depth to a traditional space. Wood can be worked in with tables, bookcases, desks, railings, floors and so many other features.
  • Lots of symmetry: Balance is the name of the game when it comes to traditional interior design. From furniture arrangement to wall art, the important thing to keep in mind is that everything doesn't necessarily have to match. But symmetry is what will ultimately bring it all together.
  • A statement rug: Area rugs are quite common in traditional spaces. They can work wonders in entryways, hallways and many other spaces within the home.  An area rug can add some punch and flair to the room.

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Image: Country Club Home