Everything but the Kitchen Sink: 4 Types of Sinks to Consider in Your Kitchen

The kitchen sink can change the aesthetic of the entire room.

Whether used to prep a gourmet meal, or clean up after a finger-painting project, the kitchen sink is one of the most utilized features in the home. The design and placement of the kitchen sink can define the functionality of the entire kitchen. Choosing to place a sink in the kitchen island, or even having multiple kitchen sinks, can add practical working capacity to the room. Farmhouse kitchen sinks are becoming popular due to their durability and minimalistic look. Discover different types of kitchen sinks and how they can be incorporated into diverse kitchen designs.

A wide, exposed apron front characterizes a farmhouse style kitchen sink.

Farmhouse / Apron Front Kitchen Sink
Farmhouse sinks, or apron front sinks, are characterized by a wide, exposed front. These sinks are known for being extra deep, which makes them ideal for kitchen cleanup since they can fit larger posts and pans. These sinks kitchen sinks are durable and charming. They evoke a classic feel while still exhibiting a minimalistic style. The farmhouse kitchen sink offers utility and practicality while still showcasing modern aesthetic value.

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Contrasting materials can add a modern accent to your kitchen sink.

Undermount Kitchen Sink
The most common type of kitchen sink is top mounted, and the sink drops into the counter from above. An undermount sink is attached to the bottom of the counter, and the counter top goes over the sink. The result is an elegant, consistent countertop with a deep basin. Crumbs and liquids remaining on the counter after food prep can be brushed into the sink with ease, and the contrast between the counter and basin can provide a modern aesthetic.

Incorporating the kitchen sink into the kitchen island adds both practical and aesthetic value.

Island Kitchen Sink
The placement of the kitchen sink can change the way a family uses the kitchen. Placing a kitchen sink in the center island of the kitchen creates a flexible space conducive to effective meal prep and clean-up. Having the sink in the center island creates a central focal point for the kitchen and provides room for multiple people to work around the kitchen without bumping into one another. Consider a kitchen sink built into the center island for an adaptable space with an open aesthetic.

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Multiple kitchen sinks make your kitchen versatile and flexible.

Multiple Kitchen Sinks
When it comes to the kitchen, two sinks may be better than one. There is a fantastic argument for having multiple kitchen sinks. One sink can be designated for clean-up, while the other can be used for meal prep. This can prevent dirty dishes from interfering with the cooking process and allows multiple people to utilize he kitchen at once. Two kitchen sinks can still be beneficial even if there are no plans to have an additional chef in the kitchen. A single cook can use the prep sink and transfer pots and pans to the clean-up sink while they are cooking to eliminate clutter in the kitchen.

Choosing a new kitchen sink can be intimidating, but understanding how you would like to work in your kitchen, and how you would like your kitchen to work, can help with the decision process. Take the first step in designing your dream kitchen and contact the professionals at Country Club Homes to guide you through the process. Call 203-762-0550 or email info@countryclubhomesinc.com to get in touch with our experts.