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Create a Home That Feels Like a Vacation Spot

When you're designing your own custom home, you have the opportunity to make it everything you have always dreamed of. Use these home design ideas to create a home that feels like a vacation spot, from the time you enter the door until the time you climb into bed. Start with the patio. We recommend…
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Don’t Pass By Your Passageways

Open floor plans are still incredibly popular in all styles of home design, but not every part of your home can be completely open.  Especially in traditional style homes, hallways and passageways are a necessary feature.  These utilitarian spaces are rarely the focus of much design thought, but you can create a truly incredible home…
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Adding a Sauna to Your Home is Great for Your Health

An in-home sauna may seem like an unnecessary luxury, but in reality it can provide significant benefits to your health. A sauna's heat works to sooth your nerve endings, relieve tension, reduce joint pain, and relax your muscles.  Spending time in a sauna also works to calm your body and relieve it of stress which promotes…
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