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Home Style of the Month: Cape Cod

The quintessential American home, the Cape Cod style communicates what most of us think of when we envision a row of homes in small town U.S.A. with front yards and white picket fences. The style actually came over from England with the first settlers who modified the design of their homeland’s modest thatched cottages to…
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July New England Home Style of the Month: Gothic Revival

Gothic architecture rose to popularity from the 12th to the 16th centuries and was primarily used in European religious construction. 200 years later the rise of the gothic revival era signaled a shift in the design style to residential structures in both Europe and the United States. This architectural style was known for its asymmetry and…
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Illuminate Your Living Room with These Tips

Short days in winter mean that natural sunlight is at a premium during the cold season. However, you can combat the darkness by finding creative and beautiful ways to illuminate your living room. Consider enhancing the lighting in your living room by adding: Ambient lighting. Chandeliers, overhead lighting, and wall fixtures can provide a soft ambient…
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