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Think Outside the Box Shaped Room and Let in More Light

In custom home design its important to think outside of the box. We suggest getting creative with room shapes and home layout instead of relying on box-shaped rooms. A simple shift away from the standard square room allows more light to pour into the room and helps create an airy feel. At Country Club Homes we understand…
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Home Technology Pet Owners Will Love

When you are planning your dream home design, make sure to include upgrades for your pets, too. Your cats and dogs are important members of the family and deserve products designed specifically for their needs. Our favorite high-tech gadgets for pets include: Electronic pet door: Controlled by a microchip on your pet's collar, the electronic pet door…
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Glow With Happiness Over These Unique Lighting Ideas

Any home design is made better by innovative and effective lighting. One of today's hottest trends is to use fluorescence throughout a home's design to cast a soft glow and create plenty of visual interest. Our favorite ways to add fluorescence include: Ambient lighting. You can use fluorescence in a variety of ways to enhance your home's…
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