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Metal is Hot in Home Design

One of today's hottest trends in interior design is to incorporate bold brass shades throughout the home. At Country Club Homes we are committed to following trends and finding ways to use them in our clients' custom homes. There are a variety of ways to incorporate the newest metal trend in your home design, including: [caption…
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Should You Move Out During Your Home Renovation?

[caption id="attachment_2491" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Source: freedigitalphotos.net[/caption] A home renovation project is a significant investment of both your time and money. It has the potential to upset your family's daily life. Choosing whether to move out or stay during the renovation is a big decision. Make sure to consider: Source: Country Club Homes Purpose of the project   An…
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Smart Tips for Estimating the Costs of a New Home Addition

While it is true that home values seem to be trending upwards again, now may not be the best time for you to consider selling your home. While you may love your home, there are probably changes you would love to make.  But, what can you comfortably afford without breaking the budget? Before undertaking any…
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