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Why Radiant Heating is a Home Luxury You Shouldn’t Do Without

Many Connecticut homeowners have discovered the benefits of installing radiant heating systems in their homes. Radiant heating systems integrate a series of pipes or wires beneath the floor that create a warm, comfortable home environment. Imagine stepping out of bed on a cold Connecticut morning and being greeted by a subtle warmth emanating from the floor.…
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When to Put Vaulted Ceilings in Your Home Design

Vaulted ceilings are a beautiful addition to a home. They help create an airy space that can make a home seem bigger than it actually is. If you're considering adding a vaulted ceiling to your home renovation project consider the many benefits including: Exposing Rafters A vaulted ceiling provides the opportunity to put your rafters on…
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Meet Drywall’s New Contender: Foreverboard

Drywall has been a standard building construction material for years. It is installed easily and provides a consistent surface throughout homes on ceilings and walls. However, drywall may have met its match in Foreverboard, a innovative new building material. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="422"] Photo Credit: Foreverboard[/caption] This new material is revolutionizing the commercial and residential building…
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