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Let Technology Lead the Way in Your Living Room

As technology continues advancing at a break neck speed the amount of automation you can employ in your home grows. The Grand Designs Live London interior design event highlighted the newest in technological breakthroughs for your home. The automation in home technology trends for the living room was especially impressive. Television and Movies A quick press…
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Kids’ Bedrooms That are Kickin’

Interested in seeing some kids’ bedrooms that are kickin’ with excitement, functionality and creativity? The interior design possibilities for creating a child’s bedroom are endless, but the styles are dramatically different depending on the child’s age. The goal is to create a kid’s bedroom space that has the following features: A space that a child…
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The Vintage Chic Home

When it comes to the decor of fine homes, those of us at Country Club Homes, Inc. readily use the mantra "what's old is new again" for design inspiration. Vintage style is a major trend among architects and interior designers these days for all types of homes. The look certainly spells out luxury for new…
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