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When to Put Vaulted Ceilings in Your Home Design

Vaulted ceilings are a beautiful addition to a home. They help create an airy space that can make a home seem bigger than it actually is. If you're considering adding a vaulted ceiling to your home renovation project consider the many benefits including: Exposing Rafters A vaulted ceiling provides the opportunity to put your rafters on…
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Enjoy the Tiny Home Trend by Adding an Impressive Guest House

Tiny houses, which pack all of the essentials for living into remarkably small spaces, are somewhat of a phenomenon in the architectural design world right now. By using the exceptional organization techniques and multi-functional layout ideas used in these tiny houses, you can create an impressive guesthouse in a lot less space than you'd expect.…
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Choosing Between Symmetrical and Asymmetrical

Designing and building a custom home entails many decisions you've likely never considered. One of these design decisions involves whether you want your home to feature symmetrical or asymmetrical exterior home design. Each of these design styles offers a unique look and appeals to different homeowners. Symmetrical  Symmetrical home exteriors tend to favor simpler design styles such…
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