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Shaker Style in the Home

If you’re drawn to traditional design, you’re probably familiar with Shaker style, especially in furniture and in the kitchen. One of the most enduring styles in the United States, Shaker style was originally developed by the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Coming, the “Shakers,” a religious sect whose followers rejected the ostentatious in…
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Plan Out a Laundry Room You’ll Want to Use

Even if you hate doing the laundry you deserve a luxurious laundry room! Gone are the days that the laundry room was an overlooked space or relegated to a small closet. Today's laundry rooms feature beautiful design elements and creative interpretations of a functional space. When designing your custom laundry room you'll want to pay particular attention to:…
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Please Your Brain With Luxurious Home Design

Think of the most luxurious home interiors you've ever seen. What stood out most to you? What caught your eye? Luxurious home design starts with the smallest of details and builds to create spaces that feel unique and memorable. Our favorite parts of luxurious home design include: An expansive kitchen Luxury in the kitchen is…
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