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Current Home Buyer Preferences That Work Well With Traditional Style Homes

Home design and construction professionals pay particular attention to current trends. They need to know and understand current home buyer preferences, the most sought after amenities, and what upgrades homeowners are looking for in new home construction. Traditional Kitchen by Wilton Design-Build Firms Country Club Homes via Houzz Our design and construction professionals at Country Club…
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More People Want Clean Lines in the Kitchen and Bath

While the quaint cottage and farmhouse chic style homes always have their following, today's homeowners are leaning more toward clean lines, flowing spaces, and sophisticated functionality in kitchen and bathroom design. This shift to simplicity creates pleasing spaces without sacrificing elegance. Modern Bathroom by Palo Alto Architects & Designers Anna Teeples Designs via Houzz Easier Acess…
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Innovative Ways to Hide Your TV

[caption id="attachment_2921" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Source: 12 Ave Homes, LLC (via Houzz)[/caption] Your television likely plays a big role in your house; you look forward to sporting events, kids' shows and favorite evening programs. When the show is over, however, you may want the television set to remain hidden. Here are some unique and stylish ways to disguise a television:…
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