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Turn Your Attic Into a Holiday Storage Dream Space

Many homeowners face a common challenge of having enough storage space for all of their holiday decorations. The decorations look great during the holiday season but then you have to find a place to store them the rest of the year. Transforming your attic space into storage for holiday decorations may be just the solution…
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The Versatility of Built-ins

At Country Club Homes, we always advise our clients to think about storage when we're designing their custom homes. So many homeowners struggle to find space for their items, but by including built-in storage spaces in our designs, we find that our clients are able to stay more organized and keep their homes clutter free.…
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Unique Storage Spaces

In your upscale home, storage doesn't have to actually look like storage. Instead, these types of spaces can look like an elegant display in your home. We've included several examples of beautiful looking storage incorporated impeccably into homes. Our experts at Country Club Homes, Inc. are intrigued and inspired by these ideas. We hope these…
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