Solid Style: Ideas for a Stone Fireplace

A natural in traditional and rustic homes, a stone fireplace is a solid focal point in any style interior, contributing warmth and character to a space. Multiple options for the size and shape of the fireplace, the type of stone used, and the earthy variations of the material make each stone fireplace truly distinct.


Solid Style: Ideas for a Stone Fireplace -

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When choosing what type of stone to use for your fireplace, there are both practical and visual considerations. Limestone or slate, too soft for wood-burning, are popular options for gas fireplaces. For a wood-burning fireplace, choices include polished or unpolished granite, marble, soapstone, fieldstone, stacked stone, river rock, and more. There are thousands of variations in design once the stone is selected; a great deal of the appeal of a stone fireplace is inspired by how the stone is cut and arranged and how the shapes relate to each other in the final presentation. More uniformity and symmetry seems to work better in a modern or contemporary environment while the opposite is true for a traditional space. But, as with anything in design, doing the unexpected can often lead to breathtaking results!


Solid Style: Ideas for a Stone Fireplace

Credit: Jan Gleysteen Interiors

Making a fireplace the focal point of a home starts with where it is positioned. Extending the stone from the floor to the ceiling, or across an entire wall, makes a memorable visual impression. In homes with open levels, extending the stone up two or three levels is a dramatic statement. Whether a three level masterpiece or a humble centerpiece in a cozy family room, a fireplace is always a welcome addition to a home.


Solid Style: Ideas for a Stone Fireplace - Lake Country Builders - 2-sided fireplace

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