Vessel Sinks Make a Splash in Luxurious Bathrooms

While today they are seen as an ultra-modern addition to your bathroom, vessel sinks are actually based on the centuries-old washbasin design in use before running water was commonly available. There’s nothing like a vessel sink to make a dramatic impression in your bathroom.

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One of the most attractive benefits of choosing a vessel sink is its versatility. The material you choose for your vessel sink can make an artistic statement. They can be designed in fired ceramic, stainless steel, metal, glass, marble, and more. While usually round, other shapes such as squares, ovals, and custom sculptural forms inspire the imagination. If a vintage look is appealing to you, a vessel sink is a great way to repurpose an antique dresser or table into memorable bathroom furniture.

vessel sink

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Vessel sinks are relatively easy to install and can be changed with little effort to adapt to new styles or moods over the years. Based in history, once a strong trend, and now a classic, vessel sinks are here to stay.

Vessel Sinks Make a Splash in Luxurious Bathrooms

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