Being Prepared: Are Your Home and Family Ready for a Super Storm?

Summer brings with it long days, vacations, ice cream cones... and storms.  Summer thunderstorms are common this time of year, and most of them are nothing to worry about.  However, summer is also hurricane season and, as we learned last year, the northeastern coast is not immune to the damaging effects of these super storms.  While there's nothing you can do to avoid one of these storms, there are ways you can make your home and your family ready to weather them as safely as possible.

Stock Up – Everything from food, water and emergency kits will be in limited supply. Be sure to have enough on hand to last for two weeks without any resupply.

Create a Safe Room – The safe room doesn't need to look like the elaborate technological marvels you see in movies; it just needs to be able to withstand heavy winds and other storm damage. Identify the most stable and well-protected portion of your house and inform your family to gather here in an emergency.  If necessary, renovate this area to be more sturdy and well-protected.



Trim Your Trees – Even smaller thunderstorms can sometimes create enough wind to knock down dead or broken tree branches.  Keep the trees around your house trimmed and well-maintained to prevent damage, and have them inspected by a professional tree specialist to make sure their roots are stable and they're not at risk of falling.

Get a Generator –  Having a back-up generator can make dealing with a major storm a much easier experience, but it's particularly important if you have a basement with a sump pump.  Sump pumps help to remove water from basement waterproofing systems, so if your home requires one to prevent basement flooding you will want it working during a large storm.

Plan for Evacuation – There often comes a time when the most prudent option is to actually leave the area. Be sure you know a viable evacuation route in case the worst happens and drill the plan with your family.

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