Preparing Your Fairfield County Home for a Storm

We've seen some wild weather in the Northeast this winter and now is the time to ensure that your home is prepared for the next storm. After all, they just seem to sneak up on us! And let's not forget that hurricane season is on the horizon. Many of these preparations are simple but can provide significant protection for your home.

To prepare for future storms consider the following:

  • Remove dead trees and limbs. Weak or dead trees and limbs possess an incredible danger during storms because they are likely to fall or be blown into your home. They are also more likely to fall when weighed down by snow or ice.
  • Maintain proper fuel levels. If your home requires fuel delivery for energy purposes make sure you have plenty on hand in case you are stuck in your home for days at a time.
  • Invest in a good generator. Now more than ever, people are purchasing generators to keep their house running with heat and electricity in the event of a storm, power outage or other emergency.

Each of these storm preparation actions can be provided by TotalCare, our full service home management division. If you'd like to learn more about how TotalCare provides exceptional service for custom homes in Fairfield County, TotalCare today.  Our friends there are fully committed to full service home management and will ensure that your home investment is carefully managed, efficiently maintained, and properly cared for.