5 Landscape Design Trends to Inspire Your Outdoor Space

Summertime brings visions of fireflies at twilight, sunsets by the pool and relaxing in the serene surroundings of the great outdoors. Superb landscape design can help transform your outdoor space into the yard of your dreams. Here are five landscape design trends our clients are enjoying.

Let a fire pit shape your landscape design.

Landscape Design Trend 1 - Fire Pits

Fire pits are not only perfect for s’mores, they also provide a focal point for your yard. Fire pits come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes. The more traditional pits burn wood, while modern fire pits use charcoal, propane and natural gas to light up. Let a sleek metal fire pit or a strong stone circle shape your landscape design.

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An outdoor fireplace can provide a cozy nook for you and your guests.

Landscape Design Trend 2 - Outdoor Fireplaces

One step up from the fire pit, outdoor fireplaces bring the coziness of a living room to the relaxed setting of your yard. An outdoor rug near the fireplace can really add a homey feel to an outdoor space. Consider the placement of an outdoor fireplace in your landscape design, and then let it light up the night.

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Stepping stones help add dimension to your backyard.

Landscape Design Trend 3 - Stepping Stones

Stepping stones add a whimsical curiosity to a landscape design while having a practical purpose. Stepping stones provide a focal point that helps guests see beyond into other areas of the yard.  The stones can lead guests to a specific landmark, a cozy outdoor seating area or even to your favorite reading spot.

Potted Plants can add nature to an enclosed space.

Landscape Design Trend 4 - Potted Plants

Having potted plants outdoors may seem counterintuitive since the outdoors provide ample room for planting space, but they actually can help open an enclosed patio area or deck. Growing in containers can also provide flexible landscape design options, since the plants are mobile. Shifting the potted plants around can give your yard a new look and feel with minimal effort.

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Natural pools can blend in with natural look of your yard.

Landscape Design Trend 5 - Natural Pools

Swimming pools are taking a new shape. Natural-looking swimming pools with stone edges are trending in landscape design. Feel like you are swimming in a freshwater pond in your yard with the cleanliness and safety of your swimming pool.

When it comes to designing your ideal yard, the sky is the limit! Whether you want to capitalize on these landscape design trends or have a completely new idea for your yard, our team of experts can help you achieve your vision. Discover our design process and contact Country Club Homes to help you shape your dream yard.