Beyond the Shower: Bathroom Inspiration for your Home

Discover unique elements to help your bathroom stand out.

The bathroom is one of the most intimate places of the home. Your bathroom design should reflect the general design of the rest of your home while also offering a peaceful setting for relaxation in the shower or bath. Beyond the shower, elements of your bathroom that can help shape its setting include bathtubs, vessel sinks, notable lighting, and custom cabinetry. Explore some of our favorite bathroom redesigns and the unique features they incorporate.

A free-standing bathtub can be a great focal point in the bathroom.

Bathroom Inspiration: Freestanding Tub
A freestanding tub adds a classical element to the bathroom. Unlike other types of bathtubs, a freestanding tub does not need to be attached to a wall. It can be installed anywhere in the bathroom, which opens up limitless possibilities for design. These bathtubs are available in a wide variety of materials and finishes. Different styles of bases can complement the aesthetic of your bathroom. The traditional clawfoot base gives the bathroom an elegant look. Pedestal bathtubs are another popular option, they use a pedestal to raise the tub from the floor. These bathtubs have sleek, clean lines and give the bathroom a sophisticated feel.

Lighting elements like accent chandeliers give a bathroom aesthetic appeal.

Bathroom Inspiration: Unique Lighting
The light fixtures used in the bathroom can act as both a focal point and accent piece. Depending on your personal aesthetic, light fixtures can be a sleek and modern accent piece, or they can provide a more classical look to your bathroom. When choosing light fixtures for the bathroom, placement is key. Lights should be strategically placed to avoid vanity shadows. Using multiple fixtures and layers of light will assure that the bathroom is well-lit. An accent piece like a chandelier can add interest to the space and highlight other bathroom elements like a bathtub, artwork, or another custom piece.

Vessel sinks can add contemporary elegance to any bathroom.

Bathroom Inspiration: Vessel Sinks
Vessel sinks are becoming popular accent pieces for the bathroom. They provide style and elegance to any bathroom and are often the highlighted feature of a room. Vessel sinks are freestanding basins that are placed on bathroom countertops or vanities. They are available in a wide variety of materials, from stone to glass to porcelain and metal, these sinks can make any bathroom pop. Vessel sinks give the bathroom a more contemporary look and feel, though they can pair nicely with more traditional styles as well. The vessel sink is definitely a versatile piece, it can energize any bathroom.

Custom cabinetry adds both aesthetic and practical value to a bathroom.

Bathroom Inspiration: Cabinetry
Sometimes overlooked, cabinetry can be one of the most important elements in a bathroom. It is where necessities like towels and toiletries are stored, and they can provide style accents that can shape the entire bathroom. Features like exposed legs, crown molding, and even the drawer pulls can shape the look and feel of the bathroom. Cabinetry can also provide contrast in a bathroom. A dark wood finish paired with white countertops can shape the look of the bathroom and provide a unique aesthetic. Brushed metal drawer pulls give the bathroom a contemporary feel. Cabinetry provides practical value to the bathroom, and opens opportunities for different aesthetic elements.

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