Customizing your Home with Farmhouse Style Accents

Farmhouse Style entryway

Wood paneling, a neutral color palette, and folk art accents are central to the farmhouse style.

Farmhouse style accents can bring a rustic elegance to your home. Modern farmhouse style helps give the home a classic, relaxing feel evoking feelings of warmth and comfort. Neutral color palettes with wood and textured accents dominate the farmhouse look. Reclaimed woods, white painted wood-paneled walls, pine accents, and oversized inviting pieces of furniture define the modern farmhouse look. Discover ways to incorporate farmhouse style into your home right now with simple accents.

Farmhouse style farmhouse sink

A wide basin protruding from the kitchen cabinetry is the essence of the farmhouse sink.

Farmhouse Style Accent - Farmhouse Sink

Right now so many clients are looking to incorporate farmhouse sinks into their kitchens. These sinks are big, sturdy, and extremely versatile in terms of everyday use. They can be crafted from a wide variety of materials including porcelain, granite, soapstone, and even different types of metal. Characterized by a wide basin that protrudes from the kitchen counters and cabinetry, the multifaceted farmhouse sink can stand up to almost anything. Whether going with a more traditional white farmhouse sink, or choosing a modern take like a brushed steel sink, the farmhouse sink is a great way to incorporate this aesthetic into your home.  

Farmhouse Style Wood Paneled Walls

White painted wood-paneled walls and wrought iron accents are quintessential elements of farmhouse style.

Farmhouse Style Accent - Wood-Paneled Walls

One of the most noteworthy characteristics of the farmhouse style is the white painted wood-paneled walls. Distinguished by stacked panels of painted white wood, the boards add texture to the room and can easily accommodate different types of decorations. While white is a popular color for farmhouse walls and paneling details, a neutral color palette incorporating cream, light grey, or beige can complement the look as well. The white wood look can be incorporated into wooden furniture such as ceilings, shelving, cabinets, and even bathroom vanities. Wood-paneled walls also integrate well with accents like traditional or folksy wallpaper, which also compliment the farmhouse style.

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Farmhouse Style Wrought Iron Accents

Dark wrought iron accents are classic farmhouse style elements

Farmhouse Style Accent - Wrought Iron Accents

Another herald of the farmhouse style is wrought iron accents. Door handles, light fixtures, and faucets add distinction to the neutral color palette associated with the farmhouse style. Dark metals or oil-rubbed bronze can provide the look needed to complement a farmhouse style bathroom or kitchen. Small details like using dark metal hardware can go a long way to ramp up the farmhouse aesthetic. The juxtaposition of dark hardware on light, neutral pieces creates a charming contrast.

Farmhouse Style Accents - Folk Art

Folk art like wrought iron weathervanes can add a playful aesthetic to farmhouse style.

Farmhouse Style Accent - Folk Art

One of the quickest ways to add farmhouse accents to your home is with folk art. Whether the pieces you incorporate are americana decor or traditional folk style, the farmhouse look celebrates classic folk art pieces. Wrought iron weather vanes and figures can add a whimsical, vintage touch to the home.

Whether you are going for an all-encompassing farmhouse look, or would like to add more simple and subtle farmhouse accents to your home, Country Club Homes has the expertise and craftsmanship to help you achieve the look you desire. Discover our design process and contact us to help you achieve your farmhouse aspirations.