Designing Your Custom Home Office Space

Custom Home Office

Your custom home office should reflect your home decor while providing an environment conducive to work.

A home office provides the freedom to work in the luxury of your own space. Your office can reflect the overall style of your home and can include personal touches that a shared office space may not have. Whether you are running a business form your home office, or using it to keep household finances and documents in order, your office should provide a comfortable setting that yields productivity. Achieving this is simple with the right plan in mind.

Where to Locate Your Custom Home Office
Your home office should be in a space that excites and inspires you. It also needs to be clear of potential noise and distractions so work can be productive. Avoid locating your custom home office in high-traffic areas of the home like near the kitchen or living room. It is much easier to get distracted when you can hear what is happening in other rooms. A custom office needs to have a distinct separation from the rest of the home so you can easily transition into your work. Consider environmental factors like windows, drafts, and lighting as well. It is difficult to be productive if you are not 100% comfortable, so considering these factors should have a big impact in choosing a location for your custom home office.

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Furnishings for a Custom Home Office
Depending on the type of work you plan to conduct in your office, a wide variety of furnishings can help achieve the environment you desire. An office for someone focused on technology will have different needs than an office for a lawyer. Consider factors of ergonomics when it comes to your comfort. Having comfortable furniture that will not put stress on your body will be conducive to a successful work environment. Another factor to consider is the desk, the centerpiece of your office. Most of the time spent in your office will be at the desk, so it is important to select a quality piece that meets the criteria of you need to work successfully. Are you looking for a strong mahogany piece with lots of drawers, or are you looking for a more industrial look? Consider different styles and options for your desk. Another factor to consider is visitors. Do you plan to have clients and visitors spend time in your office? If so, you may want to invest in comfortable, quality seating to put guests at ease in your custom home office.

Custom Home Office Chairs

Incorporate comfortable seating for guests into your custom home office.

Custom Details for You Custom Home Office
Depending on the type of work you do, the details in your custom home office can shape the look and feel of the room. If you have a lot of books and reference materials for your job, you may want to include built-in bookshelves in walls of your office. Details like custom wood finishes and stains can give your office a more traditional feel, while metal pieces and bright walls can give your office a contemporary look. Features like overhead lighting can also impact your custom office space. Soft light coming from multiple sources will keep your home office bright, nobody wants to strain their eyes reading in the dark.

Whether you are looking for a more traditional office or are looking to upgrade to a contemporary, modern feel, Country Club homes has the experience you need to take your custom home office to the next level. Contact our experts today.