Don’t Forget About the Foyer: Design Ideas for the Foyer

Your foyer is your home's first chance to stand out and make a lasting impression. Whether it serves as the greeting place to usher your guests into your home or the room where you park your umbrella or drop your keys and mail, it needs personality. Check out  these home design ideasto make your foyer a beautifully designed space in your home.

  • Mirrors: Lean a tall rustic framed mirror against a wall in tall, narrow spaces, and hang large, ornate mirrors in above a floating shelf for areas that cannot fit a console table.
  • Vintage furniture: An antique console table or dresser serves as a staging ground for your decorative accessories and a place to deposit keys and sort mail. Vintage drawer pulls add architectural interest, and cabinets provide storage and keep clutter at bay. A twenties-era mirrored vanity will be the center of attention in any foyer.
  • Chair or Bench: A chair or bench makes a foyer appear welcoming, and provides a place for guests to place coats or purses. Look for unique seating options such as salvaged church pews or an interesting trunk or ottoman.
  • Plants: Easy-care bamboo or rushes are an interesting substitution for ferns. Large planters filled with edible herbs are both decorative and practical.

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