Refresh Your Home with Carriage Style Garage Doors

When designing a home, details like the look of the garage doors can go a long way in dictating the overall style of a home exterior. When guests drive up to your home, the garage doors are often the first thing they see. The look of the garage doors can complement the design of the home exterior while providing practicality. Carriage style garage doors have become extremely popular for homeowners due to the elegant, classic look they exhibit. Discover carriage style garage doors for some of our favorite projects and let them inspire the look of your own garage.

Pops of color add an elegant aesthetic to carriage style garage doors.

Carriage style garage doors – Playing with Color
Design elements like color can bring out your carriage style garage door and help differentiate it from the exterior of your home. The color does not even need to cover the entire door to have a dramatic effect. Pops of color like the background foundation, or different colored panel details can provide a vivid effect. Choose a color that complements the color palette of your home for an all-encompassing style. Light and neutral colors will compliment a more traditional style home, while more vibrant colors can provide a modern look.

White carriage style garage doors add traditional style to the home.

Carriage style garage doors – White
A white garage door gives your home a classic look. White doors are no-fuss, and they are the color most people associate with the garage door. There are different tactics homeowners can use to make white carriage style garage doors stand out. Custom details like wrought iron handles can go the extra mile to enhance your door. Details like garage door paneling can make a big difference in elevating the look of white garage doors. Consider factors like the number of windows on the door and the size and placement of garage door windows to shape the look of the garage.

Wooden carriage style garage doors are sturdy and durable.

Carriage style garage doors – Wood Finish
Wooden carriage style garage doors can come in a variety of colors and finishes and can complement a range of home styles. Wood is one of the most sought-after materials for garage doors. It is durable and works well in most climates. It has a crisp, sturdy look and comes can be tailored to match almost any home. Use a finish or stain that compliments the color of the wood and brings out the natural features and grain. The way the panels are aligned can also shape your carriage style garage. Adding braces or a framework can give the door a comfortable, farmhouse look.

Arched carriage style garage doors can elevate the style of a home.

Carriage style garage doors – Door Shape
When it comes to choosing the perfect carriage style garage door, consider shape as a major factor. Your home can have a completely different look and feel depending on the shapes and lines in the garage doors. A garage door with a square edge provides elegant, clean lines while a curve along the top of the carriage style garage door can change the aesthetic. A garage with an arched top adds sophistication to the exterior of the home. Some homes add curved windows to rectangular doors to allude to curvature while keeping a traditional shape.

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