Ease the Chill: Steam Showers

A steam shower in your master bathroom is a luxury to be enjoyed every day, particularly during the chilly winter months. After a long day in the icy cold, basking in a warm and steamy shower is a comforting pleasure that relaxes your body and restores your spirit.

Steam showers have numerous health and wellness benefits. The spa-like effects of steam showers include improved skin tone and texture, more restful sleep, and relief from respiratory infections. The natural boosting of blood circulation provided by a steam shower helps to relieve fatigue and exhaustion, as well as physical and mental stress. Athletes and those with painful joints appreciate the way a steam shower’s warm and relaxing air penetrates deep into sore muscles and bones.

Steam Shower by Stonewood LLC

Stonewood LLC

Luxury master bathrooms now integrate steam showers in a scale that makes a statement, with numerous pampering features reminiscent of a day spa.

Steam Shower& Pedestal Tub - The+Stiers+Aesthetic

The Stiers Aesthetic

Steam Shower Design Elements

  • Dramatic size, sometimes designed for two with separate built-in seating and showerheads
  • Glass-walled showers oriented toward a view
  • Visual texture from the unusual surfaces, patterns and placement of tiles
  • Digital personalization with music and lighting
Steam Showers designed by Stainback-Hess Studio, LLC. Wall-to-wall hexagon mosaic made of Calcutta gold for the floors. Winner of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle’s 23nd Annual Bath Contest

Stainback-Hess Studio, LLC

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