What Architecture Can Do for Mental Health for Urban Residents

Did you know that urban living can affect a resident's mental health? Even those that love big city life acknowledge that an urban existence can cause stress. The lack of outdoor spaces and the high density existence can cause strain on residents.

Contemporary Living Room by Other Metro Media & Bloggers Adrienne DeRosa
Architects, however, are beginning to understand this stress and are adapting their construction and renovation designs to help boost urban residents' mental health. Roof tops and balconies are ideal retreats for city dwellers.

These spaces are excellent options for gardens, recreational areas, and green escapes. The building itself should also be strategically planned to boost residents' mental health and connect them with the outside. Large windows, skylights, and high ceilings combine to give the space an airy and expansive feeling.

Industrial Kitchen by Silver Spring Architects & Building Designers Bennett Frank McCarthy Architects, Inc.
A home's internal traffic patterns are important as well. Architects can make the home feel less cluttered and more open by ensuring the traffic patterns are clear and there is plenty of space to move. Even if you do not live in an urban area, many of these design options can also be incorporated into your home.

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